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Determined to become Nicole Kidman, I found my own agent at the age of 10. I skipped real school to attend fake school as Matthew Perry’s on-screen student and got torn to shreds by zombies in a cult horror film. Most agree that my magnum opus is this Ring Pops commercial.

By my late teens, I turned my back on the film industry. I grew wary of the roles I auditioned for, which were either ‘ambiguously ethnic side-kick’ or 'inhumanely hot CW girl'. I tried my hand at academia, pursuing a Master’s in Information Systems & Design. Upon graduation, I was hired as a business consultant and UX Designer at a Big 4 firm where I rubbed shoulders with Bay Street big wigs and drank $15 cold pressed juice.

Expensive juice couldn’t fill the void that film left behind. In 2018, I co-founded Peach Boy Corp. - a Canadian media production company. Today, as an independent filmmaker, I tell stories about characters I would have loved to audition for. Stories that not only give space for underrepresented voices, but actively amplifies them.

I am currently working for Independent Edge Films in Business Affairs for Carly Stone's second feature, North of Normal and Avan Jogia's directorial debut, Door Mouse.

See my CV here.

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